Ozark Recap Season 2 Episode 6 – Outer Darkness

The Byrdes attend a funeral and Rachel opens up to Marty. Listen in for our Ozark recap of season 2, episode 6.

This podcast was originally aired in September 2018, and we’re bringing our Ozark coverage to you now to get you ready for season 3!


Episode 6, entitled “Outer Darkness,” sees the Byrde family attending a funeral, Wilkes making a play with Petty, Wyatt getting expelled, and Rachel opening up to Marty. Bones are found on the Snell’s property and Mason suffers another loss.

 30:33 The Dirty Dilemma: Charlie Wilkes

Charlie has to decide how to protect himself when Agent Petty comes sniffing around. How much did he find out from Wendy and what did he tell Petty? What would YOU do?

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