Stinger Universe

Wondering what to watch next? We’re here for you.

We are Shannon and Fadra. We are two bloggers who bonded over our love of Netflix, Superhero movies, cars, and travel. One night (that involved drinks and an oxygen bar) we decided to start a podcast. And Stinger Universe was born.


Discussions of your Favorite Shows

We love to watch TV and talk about it. Our podcast is like the water cooler at work… but with people that really understand your passion.


Movie Reviews

We cover a lot of movies – old and new. And our 60-Second Movie Reviews give you no-spoiler reactions to the latest movies.

Fadra and Shannon

What to Watch Next

People are constantly asking, “what should I watch next?” We are here to help you decide!


Unfiltered Commentary

We say what we think. It’s not always the popular opinion. And we often disagree, which keeps things interesting!

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