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Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 7 – Test

In episode 7, Colin tells Heidi, “Walter doesn’t belong to you. He made a decision to fight for his country and we’ve given that back to him.” Join us for the Homecoming recap!


Introducing The Homecoming Initiative

Welcome to our new podcast discussing the podcast-to-TV series, Homecoming! Homecoming drops 10 episodes, 30 mins each, on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, November 2nd.

Murder House from American Horror Story

AHS 8.6 – Apocalypse Episode 6 Recap

Cassie has quite an emotional time in our Apocalypse episode 6 recap! With all our favorite characters returning from season 1’s “Murder House,” we get a LOT of answers! 

Misty Day

AHS 8.5 – Apocalypse Episode 5 Recap

In episode 5 of American Horror Story Apocalypse, titled “Boy Wonder,” we see Michael take on the test of the Seven Wonders.

American Horror Story Characters

AHS 8.4 – Apocalypse Episode 4 Recap

Things are heating up between Michael Langdon and the witches in episode 4 of American Horror Story Apocalypse. Join us for the recap and discussion.