American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 1 Recap

American Horror Story is back and we are more than ready for season 8!

Listen to our introduction to The Supreme American Horror Story podcast, hosted by Shannon and her daughter Cassie.

Did you catch everything we did in the season premiere? Here’s our recap of AHS Apocalypse episode 1.

Sarah Paulson

The premiere of American Horror Story Apocalypse introduced a lot, but we’re not sure how much of it is all that important. It moved a little slow and did little to incorporate the highly anticipated “crossover” of Murder House and Coven characters.

The key character introduction came at the very end of the episode, when we meet Michael Langdon. If you don’t know who Michael Langdon is, be sure to listen to the podcast!

All in all, we enjoyed the premier but we’re definitely looking forward to seeing some witches, ghosts, and beloved characters from earlier seasons.

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