What I Didn’t Like about Avengers: Endgame – Fadra’s Review

I’ve not only been waiting a year to see Avengers: Endgame. I’ve been waiting a year to review Avengers: Endgame. And now that it’s here and I’ve seen it, I’m feeling pretty bittersweet.

Here’s my quick overview of how I felt about the movie:

But there’s so much more to say and most of it isn’t great. In fact, once the movie ended, my criticism started immediately. My husband looked quizzically at me. I thought it was great, he said. Yeah, but he’s a casual consumer of Marvel movies. To the people who have been living and breathing this universe for years, there’s a lot to say.


In order to really talk about the movie, I have to get into the details. So if you haven’t see Avengers: Endgame yet, TURN BACK NOW! It’s always good to see a movie spoiler-free. And then once you’ve seen it, come back and share your thoughts with me because I’m about to unleash some fury (and not the Nick kind).

What I Didn’t Like About Avengers: Endgame

Let me start by saying I was a HUGE fan of Avengers: Infinity War naming it the best movie of 2018. That movie blew me away and kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire movie. It’s rare that a film does that for me.

Suffice it to say, I had pretty high expectations going in and left feeling pretty deflated. Yes, some of these things are nitpicky or personal preference but I couldn’t escape some of these aspects of the movie.

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: ENDGAME..Natasha/Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) ..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019
  • It was pretty boring at least for the first half. There was a lot of catch up for the course of the 5 years that had passed but it was more than was needed to move the story forward.
  • It was too easy to kill Thanos. I realize that killing him was an integral part of the storyline but once they found it, it was over in seconds. Kind of anti-climactic. I know that was the point but that part of the story fell really flat.
  • They made a mockery of Thor. Yes, I know it was for comic relief but the joke carried on way too long. Thor didn’t seem dark and depressed. He seemed lazy. I think they could have lightened things up without making him such a joke.
  • Ant-Man was an idiot. They did this in Ant-Man and the Wasp and I had the same complaint. If anyone recalls from the original movie, Scott Lang was an electrical engineer who probably knows enough to base his understanding of time travel on something other than Back to the Future.
  • The mood shift was too dramatic. Robert Downey Jr. gave the performance of a lifetime (in this universe, anyway). Hawkeye’s despair was palpable. And then we yuk it up with Thor and Ant-Man. I know they were trying to stay true to the characters but they did a much better job blending their styles in Infinity War.
  • Time travel is simply an inverted mobius strip. Wait, what? Okay, I’ll allow that because we needed to figure out time travel to make this all work but that seemed just a little too easy.
  • Professor Hulk? I still feel very confused about him. Maybe it’s because we had to now rely entirely on CGI for his character and didn’t get the real life scenes with Mark Ruffalo (until later) that I usually enjoy. I guess that’s making up for too much Mark Ruffalo in Infinity War.
  • We didn’t have time to mourn Black Widow. There was a sad moment and then down to business. This was a stark (pun intended) contrast to Tony’s funeral at the end and I felt like her death was a little glossed over.
  • Nostalgia on hyperspeed! It was a lot to try and tie every single movie together. I think a big part of it was to emphasize that this movie was the crux of the entire Avengers story. But it also seemed like they were trying to cram everything together in a package for the fans and in a ways that would satisfy the nerds. It was a little too much for me.
  • Oh, the time paradoxes. If Nebula of the present kills Nebula of the past, should Nebula still continue to exist? If Loki in the past steals the tesseract and disappears, will that timeline continue leading up to what resulted in present day? If Gamora from the past stays in the present, will she ever become the Gamora that helped Thanos get the Soul Stone? Time travel is messy. I wasn’t majorly upset here but there are definitely holes.
  • How did no one die in that Avengers HQ blast? I mean, I’m GLAD no one died but didn’t it seem highly unlikely that nobody died or was at least critically injured?
  • Since when is Pepper the Ironwoman? When the Avengers assembled (that was actually a fun moment), was anyone else surprised to see her show up to do battle?
  • Why was Captain Marvel there? She shows up (and not in the manner we see in the trailers) to save Tony Stark and help find Thanos. Once he’s dead, she says kthxbye because she has other planets to save in the universe. When she does reappear, she fists her way through Thanos’ spaceship and yet somehow just can’t seem to get a good punch in.
  • Why was it so easy for Thanos to do the snap in the first place? Maybe I just don’t understand the power of the Infinity Stones but he didn’t seem to have any trouble wielding the power but Hulk could barely handle it and, well, we know what happened to Tony.
  • WHY COULDN’T ANYONE KILL THANOS? In Infinity War, he was powerful because he has so many of the stones. In Endgame, he’s just a bad guy and a warrior. Arguably, he was never a power-hungry bad guy. He was focused on achieving balance in the universe. So the version of the Thanos from the past didn’t quite work for me. With all of them and one of him (without any Infinity Stones), it seems like he could have been defeated.
  • Marvel took a page from DC for the end scene. One thing I dislike about DC movies is the massive battle scenes that seem so over-the-top. That’s what seemed to happen here. It’s like the director said, Okay, put everyone on the battle field and let ’em fight! Kind of like when a little kid takes his army men and bunches them together and calls it a fight.
Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: ENDGAME..L to R: Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), War Machine/James Rhodey (Don Cheadle), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019

What I DID Like about Avengers: Endgame

I’m not simply a naysayer. I’m a Marvel fan so I can’t NOT like this movie. It just didn’t deliver what I wanted (and I can’t say exactly what I did want other than a feeling when I walked out of the movie). But there were plenty of things that did resonate with me.

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: ENDGAME..Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019
  • Robert Downey Jr. was the star, in every sense of the word. He started it and he finished it. It was a poignant story arc and his acting was on point. Outstanding performance.
  • Tony Stark dies and I’m okay with that. I thought it was the ending that needed to happen.
  • Black Widow dies and I’m okay with that. Although I didn’t want to see her die, it made sense. Hawkeye had a family to return to and she finally got to make the difference she so desperately wanted to.
  • Gamora returns! Although it’s not the Gamora we’ve grown to love, I’m glad to see we will get to see more of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Thor will make a fine addition to GOTG. Just please get rid of that gut. And that beard.

There were also a few scenes I loved. Hulk and the Ancient One, Tony and his father, and hearing Captain America say Avengers, assemble! I certainly didn’t hate the movie. It just didn’t leave me feeling all the feelings like I did at the end of Infinity War.

I’ll definitely watch it again. And I’m sure my thoughts will change as I’m still digesting the story. But there will always be more Marvel movies and I’ll be there to see them!

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  1. OMG I completely agree on every point!!! Every one.

    So…. I’m grateful for the Ancient One and her time line branches drawing. A lot of those alternate timelines should be put back and disappear. Because Cap putting them back properly should just… fix that. I think. Where’s Marty McFly when you need him?

    Why was Captain Marvel even there? I was expecting a lot more from her.

    Honestly…. the three sections you mentioned? I think it would have been much better to take more time… and just make it into 2 or 3 movies.

    Oh!!!! And serious question. All of those hoards of Thanos armies…… did they seriously ALL come through the time machine in that one ship????

    One thing I LOVED….. Tony as a dad. I love him 3000 too.

    I could probably keep writing and writing.

    1. After the movie my wife and I left the theatre feeling very bittersweet. For all of the reasons you expressed above! Very nice review hope creators of MCU are able to read your review!

    2. Ditto every point you made I agree with! I was a tad underwhelmed with certain aspects of the film. I didnt hate the movie but there are certain things I wished they did differently. The whole Thor thing was kind of a shame to the character he was! He has always been a badass! I will watch it again but not until I comes out on DVD.

    3. Excellent review! I totally agree with every point! Thank you for letting me know that I’m not CrAZy!

    4. wow I’m so disappointed with this movie I can’t believe how it got such a high score!! oh my god was I snoring for the first hour or so… probably the most useless, boring, none added value, combination of movie scenes ever!! why spend so much time explaining things so easily assumed already… get to the point for christ sake!! and then again, after discovering time travel in maybe 3 minutes, once we got into the action it just felt like part 3 was being replayed again only with a few little twists here and there… really… I anticipated so much better… Infinity War is a masterpiece… I was expecting something incredible for this last chapter… yes the final battle was somewhat cool but not even close enough to make it for the rest of the movie which was just too much all over the place and could not build up of any emotions/attachment to the story… fucking avengers should’ve stopped at number 3!! Thank you.

      1. I agree. Endgame was a hopeless, mishmash of incorporating fanfic and too many Marvel comics. I’ve given up on Marvel after this. I really have.

    5. Couldn’t agree more with the review! I was so looking forward to this movie but should have known that doing better than the greatest move ever, Infinity War, would be too tall of a task. I totally didn’t understand the need to go back and revisit each movie. That’s dumb and not what any comic book nerd would have wanted. We watched all those movies and did ‘t need to watch them again in another movie!! And don’t even get me started on Time Travel. It’s the lazy writer’s way of solving a problem. They could have come up with a ton of stuff a lot better than that. (Adam Warlock anyone?) Reminds me of the time when I was 8 years old and watched Superman fly around the world to reverse time in Superman the Movie. Even as 8 year kid, I was like…what?? that’s just dumb?!!

  2. The thing that confused me a lot was one you mentioned – if 2014 Nebula gets killed by 2019 Nebula, I felt like the 2019 one should have died too … Seemed like a plot hole to me.

    1. I think there are a lot of plot holes but there always are when it comes to time travel. Sometimes you have to suspend a little disbelief, which is what I’m trying to do!

    2. Ok. I can explain on that. The nebulla dies is from alternate timeline. Not the current timeline. Do you understand? The way in beginning avengers kills thanos in current timeline. But the one fighting in end is from alternate timeline.

      1. Both Thanos and both Nebula are from the same timeline, the main timeline, like what the others say. Just different parts of it. The movie bringing the two characters from earlier part of the timeline to the current time, is what created an alternate timeline. At least that’s what I understood.

    3. They already explained in the movie that changing the past doesn’t change the future therefore future nebula killing past nebula wouldn’t kill her future self…

  3. I agree with your review. Endgame was a lifetime chance wasted. Very boring. Barely any action except last half hour.Mockery of thor and antman Forced entry of captain marvel. Messy time travel. How come spidermans friends in same class ,5 years had passed. Very messy.Did not like the movie.

    1. I think you said it perfectly – it was a chance to make a movie that would go down in history and I feel a little like they wasted it.

      And yes! I forgot to mention Spider-Man back in high school. 5 years later??

      1. I just want to say I’m so glad you wrote the post you did! I really liked Infinity Wars and couldn’t wait for end game to come out. I walked out of the theater a little let down. I felt like something was missing. I watched most of the Marvel movies ,this movie I felt was all over the place.

    2. Spider-Man would of course have to continue school where he left it. He didn’t continue studying while being dead. The same could have happened to most of his close friends.

    1. Maybe everyone really WANTS to like it so they don’t want to say anything. I didn’t hate the movie. I just think it could have been so much better.

      1. OMG im glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought this was slow and boring. To many superheros and just not enough action. The movie was to much about wrapping up a series of movies. Thanos was to easy to kill and the first half of the movie was slow. Thor sucked, The time travel was to much and sloppy. The acting was very good but im not watching this to see RDJ cry, I want more Captain Marvel ripping through Thanos ship kind of stuff.

  4. Did not like the route they went with Thor at all.. although I will say that I enjoyed the scene where he gets to speak to his mother again and her quote “”Everyone fails at who they’re supposed to be. The measure of a person is how well they succeed at being who they are.” LOVE IT.. There were some great one liners in there like this and the scene with Tony and his dad.. OY! That’s when I started to cry and the tears continued off and on after that.

    I actually liked that Pepper showed up as Iron Woman .. if you’ll remember she did tell Tony that she could see why he liked the suit so much and in Iron Man 3 she basically turned into a superhero so she knew what it was like. I also think that really added to the Woman Power moment when all the ladies stepped up to protect Captain Marvel as she tried to get the gauntlet to the time machine van. But here again, why would she need the help?!? And, it created that gut wrenching scene of the Tony’s final moments – cue the tears again.

    My biggest irritation (I could say it was that Tony died because he has been my fav of MCU, but man, he died such a hero, I can’t say that) was that they figured out time travel surprisingly easily and yet they couldn’t figure out that present day Nebula – A ROBOT – would have a connected conscious with past Nebula. COME ON!

    I will say that I think Markus and McFeely (screenwriters) and the Russo brothers did a good job ending the series. Was it delivered in a nice tidy package, no. But they succeeded in getting me to go watch it again next week so I can really focus on the nuances and not just the shock to the system my hall pass dying. 😉

    SIDENOTE: here a great interview with the writers, that really gives some insight into their thought process https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/29/movies/avengers-endgame-explainer.html

    1. Thanks for sharing that article! They definitely justified a few things I really liked but didn’t really explain the things I didn’t. Then again, making such an epic film can’t be such an easy task.

    1. That end fight sequence is such a blur, I’m not even sure who fought who at this point. Definitely means I need to see it again.

  5. Himanshu Thakkar

    So well reviewed. I kind of felt it boring and predictable.

    What amazes me that, it made so much money in so little time!!! When its time to play with expectations they can basically sell anything

    1. Yes- I was definitely bored for the first half. I actually felt panicked because I wanted it to be so much better! But I’m not surprised it’s made money. Everyone has been waiting for this movie!

  6. Lovely review, just a few comments:

    Time traveling being an inverted mobius strip sounds too simple yes, but then he talks about finding the eigenvalues (if I heard correctly) and then the program showed a bunch of paths around the strip (each eigenvalue gives a different pathway I believe) and I think is was one of those paths that was the key to time travel. Also isn’t an inverted mobius strip just a mobius strip? Or am I missing something there…

    I agree we didn’t get enough time to mourn black widow yet iron man got a whole funeral procession? Little disappointed about that…

    As for the pepper wearing a suit thing it was hinted at the beginning when Tony went out to see his daughter in the little tent. She came out wearing an iron man like suit helmet and glove blaster thing. He lightly scolded her for wearing that stuff and took ithe helmet off. Then he made a comment about how her mother (pepper) never wears it (even though he wants her to) but at least his daughter likes it (or something along those lines). This implies he made a suit for his wife which she ends up wearing when she shows up for battle.

    I was disappointed that captain marvel didn’t play a bigger role since it seems like she was supposed to save them all (which she did at the end) but the universe was large and I guess she was out maintaining order. Also the avengers never contacted her about their plan to get the stones to fix their world so… suffice to say I was expecting more from her.

    1. I can definitely see your point on a lot of these things. And I did consider them. But perhaps the biggest surprise was how little Captain Marvel was involved. Maybe their setting her up for a whole franchise? I just don’t know how well that will do with Marvel fans (I’m on Team No Thanks).

  7. For a comic book fan, it is easy to realise why Thanos had no problem fighting the Avengers without the stones and why he could use it freely in Infinity War. The Mad Titan is an entirely different category than the others that have attempted to wield the stones. Unlike other beings, that are able to wield only one stone or not even hold one, he is mighty enough(along with the help of the gauntlet ofc) to withstand their power. He is so strong that, fighting the Avengers all out is not that difficult to him.

    1. Thank you for your perspective! I appreciate comic book fans because you can really gain a lot of perspective from the history in the comics.

  8. I agree on most points. I was also disappointed with the Hulk though but mainly because I am not a fan of the actor. Also, he seemed kind of pathetic compared to the comic book version.
    I also didn’t like how they had to force their PC agenda into the movie with Captain Marvel teaming up with all the other female superheros. It was like a feminist statement.
    We watch these movies because of the comics and it is an escape from real life. There is already too much politics and political correctness in the world. Why shove it into something we love.

    1. I like Mark Ruffalo. He plays Bruce Banner like a scientist, not a hero. But I could see why you don’t love him. As for the feminist statement, yeah, it was kind of obvious but not over the top. Honestly, this scene blew right by me until others mentioned it!

  9. Thanks. I thought I was the only one. This means a lot to me. It doesn’t mean I’m weird.

  10. I agree with the dislikes for the most part. Although thanos is still an extremely powerful being in the marvel universe, whether or not he has the stones. That is why he can wield the gauntlet with ease, also why he couldn’t be killed in battle. He should have obliterated cap in a second, regardless of the stones.

    He was nerfed beyond belief for these movies.

    1. Appreciate your thoughts here. One of our commenters above mentioned Thanos’ strength as a warrior which is probably more focused on in the comic books. As a Marvel moviegoer, not comic book reader, it didn’t make sense but knowing more about who Thanos is helps to understand a little better.

  11. Thomas Gron

    First, infinity war WAS A AMAZING MODERN DAY MYTH EPOS bringing the marvel timeline up to present time! The Thanos(look in Greek mythology) the adversary lord’s snap can be verified by anyone that can do math!! What is the result of a birthrate of 1,0 to 1,5 children per female??? See the result of China’s ghost cities!
    Now ENDGAME!! Sloppy haste work!! Not possible the movie supposedly shot back to back with infinity war!!
    I think I see a mike when professor Hulk visit Thor, Antman supposedly in the Van fixing power but in next battle cut he’s huge and fighting enemies!! Why didn’t Antman age in the quantum realm(5 years only 5 hours), But Hank Pym’s wife aged normally?? Well from scene two the movie felt just as a haste work.. Now this can be explained by the fact that so much movie making went on all up to last couple of weeks before release?? When they had made it back to back?? I’m thinking the “really chocking surprising movie”we were promised, the movie they made back to back, isn’t Endgame!! It should have been annihilation!!! But to chocking and revealing!?? Or did they suspect a whole other end time time???
    So we got a movie mostly made since May last year to April this year!! This why it’s sloppy!!

    1. Thank you for bringing up the Ant-Man aging thing. I thought about that too. Mrs. Pym was definitely 30 years older (how she ate or where she got her makeup in the quantum realm, I still don’t know).

      I agree – this doesn’t not feel like it was on the same level as Infinity War.

  12. Simon Payne

    Really liked your article and fresh from seeing the movie (I’ve got into that sponge mode when you want to digest as much info and see if others share your thoughts) I agree with a lot of what you said.

    I’ve thrown together my thoughts (I’ve rambled quite a bit) but don’t feel that you need to put up the whole post. Even if you just read it and it brings a sliver of the entertainment that your piece did, I’d be happy.

    So I’ve just come from watching Endgame and I must say that I am disappointed.

    I loved Civil War and I loved Infinity War. When I came out of those films, I knew immediately that they were great and that I wanted to see them again. With Endgame, I’m not sure.

    I respect how they were prepared to show the consequences of what Thanos had done but by killing him off so quickly and then the Avengers having to do their own stone quest (hadn’t we already seen Thanos doing this in IW) it felt slow, lazy and rehashed. Worse still was that it felt very self-indulgent and attempting to be clever for clever sake.

    Like how Back to the Future II considered itself clever for showing the events of the first film but with Marty flitting around behind the scenes to ensure that it all still happened. I know it’s meant to be fan pleasing but it really felt like a gimmick and lacking in confidence. Almost like it was saying ‘Hey guys, this will make you smile’. If you want to make me smile, concentrate on maintaining the quality of your product rather than directly trying to make me like you.

    But the trouble with messing around with timelines and bouncing around is that it makes the audience start asking questions during the film. The linearity that we’d seen in IW and the imminent fast approaching threat is replaced in Endgame with a lack of direction and characters that are earlier versions of who the audience have seen.

    In IW we were shown Thanos. He was written to be sympathetic or at least a character that we the audience could understand. He believed in what he was doing and this made him more rounded. But in Endgame, that version is dispatched quickly and we are supplied with a 2014 (?) Thanos who isn’t the character we know but is just a token bad guy.

    This Thanos hasn’t made the sacrifice at Vormire, he isn’t the guy that would empathise with Scarlet Witch for what she did to Vision. He has suddenly become a token cut out evil bad guy that needs to be defeated. Hell, the writers even manage to forget their own time loop by saying that this Thanos has learnt that he doesn’t want to wipe out 50% anymore because they are too ungrateful. How does he know this when the 2014 Thanos has only just literally arrived in the post wipeout Universe? How has he had time to form the opinion that his previous quest for a 50% cull isn’t worthy?

    Is this a case of the writers being terrified that they had created a bad guy that people related to or was it a fear that they’d written themselves into a hole? Why go to the effort of creating that character in IW to suddenly kill him off at the beginning of Endgame just for a dramatic punch?

    For me, the time travelling and stone gathering wasted time to create unimportant scenes that fundamentally undermine the films that came before. In my opinion it would have been better if they had shown the remaining Avengers preparing to do some Avenging and maintained the single minded linearity of IW of battling towards and reaching a post click Thanos and somehow reversing his work.

    The more I think of the film, the more plot holes and frustrations manifest themselves. Thor’s drinking and man child antics might have been initially funny but one begins to realise that they are deliberately doing this to clip his wings. Likewise with Hulk, his primordial desire to smash and destroy has been removed to think it out and he has become an embarrassing shadow of his former self.

    The thing that is meant to be amazing about the MCU is the world building but inconsistencies have been appearing and there are so many in Endgame that it makes you question whether these two films were written by the same people.

    In IW, Thanos is a dangerous and credible threat because he has the infinity stones. He takes on half of the Avengers, Strange and some of the Guardians on Titan and smashes them and then takes on the other half on Wakanda and smashes them. Yet it is Stormbreaker (whose creation we have seen been hard earned by a motivated Thor) that has the power to take down Thanos even when he has a full complement of Infinity Stones.

    Yet we roll forward to Endgame and we have literally all the good guys together in one place, Cap with his shield, Tony fully powered up, Scarlet Witch p*ssed and vengeful, Capt Marvel who can seemingly do anything and Thor wielding both Mjolnir AND Stormbreaker and Thanos NOT in possession of the gauntlet, yet they can’t defeat him.

    It’s like the fights in IW were so amazing because the good guys were taking on an unbeatable foe yet here he is now seemingly defeatable by the ‘rules’ that the writers established. A good example of this would be in IW when Cap is the last man standing before Scarlet Witch and he grabs the gauntlet. You see the look of admiration/respect on Thanos’ face that Cap is holding open the gauntlet before he punches him to the ground yet now that scene seems pointless. Why couldn’t Cap do the same in the Endgame fight?

    The writers for Endgame seem to have been driven to undo or tinker with everything they did in IW. All the tension, all the sacrifice, all the development of Thanos discarded for well, I don’t know what. It makes no sense.

    IW had two incredible scenes that used to choke me up. When Cap appears in the train station, the Avengers theme kicks in and Falcon and Widow take down the henchman in a wonderfully choreographed scene. In just that one scene it shows them coming to the rescue, it shows how intuitively they work together and it showcases their heroism.

    Likewise when Thor creates Stormbreaker and makes his entrance on Wakanda, I felt it for the journey that Thor has been on. He’s had to contend with loss and defeat and humiliation and this is his redemption. Here is a character that has earned his game changing weapon and when he arrives and demands to face a character that everyone else is running away from, I want to punch the air.

    But in Endgame, that feels like it has to be corrupted. We can’t have Thor being dominant, let’s break him and make him a fool. We can’t have Thanos being complicated and relatable, let’s make him a cut out bad guy. We can’t have Hulk being rage fuelled and smashing stuff up, let’s make him more sensitive and talking stuff out. We can’t have Cap being stoic and heroic, let’s have him ridiculing iconic lines in a silly gimmicky fight with himself and commenting on his butt. We can’t have a powerful female character that we’re invested in look sexy AND be able to take down Thanos, let’s give Scarlet Witch a small part but focus our attention on a female character that hasn’t earnt our admiration or desire for revenge.

    To be honest, the ‘rules of engagement’ had been set so well in IW that when Thanos massed his ranks in Endgame against the ragtag Avengers and then ALL of the good guys showed up, I was almost expecting the camera to pull away and not show the fight given that it was so obviously going to be an easy win for the good guys.

    And as for the big fight scene, it did reek of what DC always manage to do which is just throw everything into an end battle and bludgeon you with CGI and pyrotechnics so that you aren’t really sure what is going on.

    In the many fights in IW, you did know what was going on, you recognised the combatants, you understood the stakes and you identified the geography of the scene. In Endgame we got one big massive fight where everything was thrown in the pot and it was just assumed by the directors that we would be happy with all the flashing lights.

    And I have to say that considering that Steve and Tony fell out so hard, and that Tony’s criticism of Steve was so unfair, that I really had hoped for more than just a handshake, a muttering of ‘no worries’ and ‘here’s your shield’. These guys wrote and directed Civil War, they created the line ‘we fell out hard’ and hence I expected something deeper and more touching than a handshake.

    Steve wrote Tony a letter telling him that when he needed him he’d be there, Tony walked around with the mobile phone that Steve had given him but once again the Iron Man bias had to creep in and once again Tony was the victim and the ultimate hero.

    But I think my biggest problem is how the convenient time travelling undermines everything. When a franchise starts retrofitting stuff (like Fury’s eye being from a space cat), it’s then hard to consider the previous stories.

    Having 2014 Gamorra means that all the evolution that we saw her go through in GOTG 1 and 2 is wasted. Having Cap marry Peggy means the pain of his sacrifice, him seeing her in Winter Soldier when she is suffering from Alzheimer’s, hell even his blossoming relationship with Sharon Carter is kinda irrelevant. Having seen Thor at last step away from his two weaker origin films into the entertainment of Ragnarok and the redemption in IW leaves us now with a bumbling buffoon.

    We know that what makes Captain America what he is, is the serum that makes him a super soldier. That he was transformed from a weakling to a superhuman. Sam Wilson is not a super soldier and he didn’t take the serum. He is Falcon. Now maybe in the comics he becomes Cap but Bucky is a super soldier. Is the new Cap going to foil an evil plot and be defeated with a tazer or a knife to the chest? Consider the beatings that Steve has taken and the physical strength that he has shown and compare that to knowing that Sam Wilson does not have that.

    I’m sorry to say but the Russo’s have dropped the ball, just like Joss did on Ultron. Themselves and their writers have succumbed to their success and their desire to be engineers of political correctness and social change. I thought Endgame would be the high soaring end to this 10 year run of impressive movie entertainment but in the end the writers got carried away, the directors over reached and the studio sacrificed the integrity of their product for a chance to ‘educate’ us all. A real shame and a wasted opportunity.

    For me, Infinity War is clearly the highlight of the last 10 years but even now I fear that repeated viewings will diminish that considering how the makers decided to fundamentally damage it.

    1. Excellent critique, Simon. And I’m so pleased to see someone else that didn’t like the origin for Fury’s eye patch! I think you nailed it when you used the word retrofit.

      And YES to him giving the shield to Falcon instead of Bucky. I’m so glad you mentioned that point. That made zero sense to me other than to set up a future series or movie.

      Honestly, the film, in a word, felt sloppy. And I’m still disappointed over it for the reasons I mentioned AND for all of your too!

      1. Sloppy is exactly it. Why kill off the only female in the Avengers to make a point? Because killing off Hawkeye would have detracted from Tony’s death. Why make Scott and Thor such absolute twats? All of the character building just thrown out the window.

        I think that’s my biggest grip. Any growth made in the previous films, awareness, unity, compassion just nuked for the sake of tidy mobius time travel plot.

  13. [” One thing I dislike about DC movies is the massive battle scenes that seem so over-the-top. “]

    If you actually disliked the massive battles of the DC movies, how on earth did you tolerate the over-the-top battles of the Marvel films? Were in the hell were you when these past Marvel films were being released?

    1. Simon Payne

      I think it’s because a lot of the big DC fights happen at night, so everything is dark, there’s lot of crashing and banging but little or no invention in the actual fighting.

      BvS – big fight at night
      Suicide Squad – big fight at night
      Justice League – big fight at night
      Wonder Woman – big fight at night
      Shazam – big fight at night.

      Don’t get wrong Marvel get it wrong as well sometimes, case in point being the end action scene in GOTG2 which just went on and on and involved way too much tiresome destruction and people being smashed into things.

      In the main, but not always, Marvel films it’s action in a cleaner more understandable way. And hence why I felt that the fight in Endgame felt more like DC than say WS or CW or IW.

  14. Ashish Avasthi

    Very true and well I was not daring to say anything bad because my kids loved it and this movie is big craze among kids in India.

    For me the story was kind of convenient ending. So like you, I enjoyed infinity war too but then when keep the story together. I think they make beautiful presentation and characterization but not that much of story.

    If I would be given a chance to rewrite it (hypothetically). Then I would end the first one with Thanos about to have all the stoned or have four of them and continue the chase and second one having to cut the chase and taking the stones from him and then having final showdown and having everyone alive including him and getting him to understand that balance is something which nature understands for itself and there might be need to provide assistance but there is no need to have interference.

    🙂 Time machine infact I was need to get some of things right for myself but it will be convenient story for me too

  15. Tony already made the helmet and suit for Pepper. She just never wore it until the battle part. Remember when Morgan wore the helmet to role play as Iron Man.

  16. I totally agree with all your points. I LOVED LOVED Infinity War. With that said, there were things I hoped/expected to see go down in this film. Thor! THOR! The God of Thunder! At first seeing him depressed, frumpy, and inebriated, it really makes you feel how broken he was. But keeping him that way basically the entire movie….not cool! I just kept waiting for him to just throw his hammer up and transform into the badass that he is! And the Hulk. In Infinity War, when you see Bruce having the internal battle with the Hulk and he just won’t come out. NOOOOO!! Whatya mean No?!? Going into this film, I just kept saying, ohhh I can’t wait to see when Hulk makes his kickass entrance. NOPE! Instead we got Dr. Hulk. Disappointing. There were a lot of things to love about End Game, but In my opinion, it could have been so much better. Like you said, the first half of the movie was slow and boring. And most of the back stories were dragged out and not necessary. Thank you for your article. At least I don’t feel alone lol. 😊

    1. Yes – about Thor. I thought we would see a little redemption for his character especially when we saw him command the thunder. But otherwise, he was the butt of too many jokes in the movie. I’m glad we’re not alone in our disappointment!

  17. This movie should not be. It’s a blatant cash grab imo. They could’ve easily fitted this final battle in IW , hence concluding the saga in one movie epic but they kept the suspense up and basically filled out said battle scene with character annihilation and convenient yet messy sub plots which was always going to have pacing issues due to the filler.

    They should really be taken to task on this or else expect loads of other franchises to do the same. But alas, it’s worked, they’ve earned big bucks. Nobody cares bout my opinion in the grand scale. Equally so though, I wouldn’t bother with any more movies coming out from Marvel. Glad it’s over. As far as I am concerned, IW is the end game and Thanos has won.

    1. “IW is the end game and Thanos has won.”

      Them’s fighting words! But you’re kind of right. That was the big ending that showed the Avengers were not almighty and could be beaten. It was a huge breathtaking movie and as others have said, this felt more like a middle movie. Perhaps it’s a filler to transition us to their next money-making sequence.

  18. Hence Forth

    The time travel portion was not done very well, but not for the reasons you mentioned. The MCU and Marvel in general supports the multiverse theory, saying that there are an infinite number of possible universes and all of them exist, meaning that there is a separate universe for every different choice the characters make. So, theoretically, there would be a timeline where they carried out the time heist without a hitch, or at least Nebula isn’t captured and Thanos of the past does not go into the future. So, when 2019 Nebula kills 2014 Nebula, she’s killing a different Nebula that has nothing to do with 2019 Nebula. Because as soon as they time traveled back to 2014, they split the timeline. So if they really wanted to they could probably even do a new MCU saying that this is a separate cinematic universe caused by the time travel shenanigans. They probably won’t and, at the most, will use these events as a plot point.

    One thing about the time travel that didn’t make any sense was Cap going back and living out his life with Peggy. Sure it’s nice and all, but when he does that, he should have been creating a separate timeline, according to the rules as set out by Marvel and the MCU itself. That means that he shouldn’t be showing up in the main MCU present as an old man, because that’s clearly not what happened in their timeline. And also, what happens to the Cap that went into the ice then? Does he still wake up like 70 years later and find out that he actually did marry Peggy, even though he was in the ice? And also, he has a lot of knowledge of the future, including Hydra’s infiltration of SHIELD through Zola. Did he manage to prevent that? The whole concept just throws everything so out of whack that I kind of wish they didn’t do that, despite that I’m glad he finally got the ending that he wanted.

    Also, electrical engineers may be smart but they are no theoretical physicists. I’ve taken a few classes and we basically were throwing duct tape on the equations we learned in physics classes and saying “eh, good enough”. Scott might have heard something at some point about how time travel might theoretically be achieved through the internet or something but it’s definitely outside of his realm of expertise. Engineers don’t really have any use for this kind of knowledge, at least at what I presume to be Scott’s level of engineering. He knows how to make devices and tinker with his suit, but quantum mechanics and the specifics of time travel is beyond him. Much of it is philosophy and/or really obscure theoretical physics that is only popularized by science fiction, hence why Scott’s only understanding of time travel is from a movie.

    1. I pretty much agree with everything you said here. I know about the forking timelines but if that held true, when Nebula set a course to bring Thanos to 2019, how did she know which 2019 was the right one? Honestly, it’s all theoretical but totally agree with on Cap. If he never lived his original timeline then how did they defeat Thanos if he stayed in the past? Ah, the paradox of time travel.

      But I’m still going to have to disagree with you about Scott Lang. Maybe he doesn’t totally understand time travel but he was a stright up guy in Ant-Man. In the second movie, they made him the buffoon you see in Endgame. I think he deserves better.

  19. A little late to the party. Love your review. Been keeping silent on my displeasure with the movie for a long time.

    I’d like to say though I disagree completely with your take on Thor. Everyone experiences PTSD in different ways. We see Tony go through it and that is what we expect but the reality is that most experience what Thor goes through. Yes, it is played for laughs; but that does not make it any less real. I live with severe depression, and to me it was a moment of recognition for people who are mocked as lazy when they are going through incredibly difficult mental self inflicted suffering. It goes to the heart of the misunderstanding of how depression affects people differently.

    I agree completely on Antman, but this has been all over with several heroes during the film series. Hulk is severally nerfed from his comic book version, who has beaten Captain Marvel with a single punch. Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful beings in the marvel universe but is relegated to romance drama. They had an opportunity to show just how badass she and Cpt Marvel could be when they team up, but they went instead with a nice photo Op. makes for a nice desktop background, but doesnt show why these two are so significant. Antman is a goof instead of the smart scientist he should be and that is why I personally dislike his depiction and movies.

    And as for the time paradox you state. This operates on multiverse theory. You change something in the past and it creates a whole new universe. So instead of one universe and one Nebula, you have two Nebulas and two universe that exist simultaneously. That is why one can kill the other without it affecting present her. They attempt to “unmake” these new universe by having Cpt America replace the stones but because going to the past changes things down to a molecular level, this is just a cop out that doesnt actually work. But because time travel is confusing, and a terrible plot device you just have to accept what they tell you.

    The movie overall felt like a goof. Like a parody of Endgame. Thanos whiped out half the universe plus probably another 25% who died of starvation, cataclysmic nuclear plant failures, and simple car/plane accidents. Plus I bet when Hulk snapped his fingers a lot of returned beings were returned to spots that guaranteed they died. At best Thanos still killed 20-25% of sentient life, so he still wins.

    1. I didn’t mind that they showed Thor as feeling defeated and depressed. But if they were trying to bring to light that each one was suffering in their own way, they did a disservice by mocking him throughout the movie.

      The whole time travel thing does baffle me a little. We actually talk about it a lot (we watch The Flash which ignores basically all rules of time travel!) but I’m willing to suspend some of what I know theoretically to make the movie work. But as you said, there were a lot of missed opportunities to showcase characters and make them truer to who they have been in the comic world.

      I honestly felt a little defeated myself after the movie.

  20. Lori Millsap

    I’m so glad to see I was not the only one that felt this way. I was beginning to think that maybe I expected too much from Endgame. You touched on everything that I was feeling. I walked away from the movie, and for two days, just felt meh.

  21. I totally buy what spayne is selling. The writing failed. What made these movies amazing was good writing, character development and above average acting. My biggest beef is the ending. Half of me accepts Tony’s fate. The other half can’t stomach the idea that Captain America, the model of sacrifice, would let Tony die. Cap owes Tony.
    His friend killed Tony’s parents and he kept it a secret from him. He has a debt to pay. Without rewriting the whole movie, the feel of the ending should have read more like this:
    Cap is brooding throughout the movie. Watching Tony with his daughter. Thinking about Peggy and how he is a man out of time. You can see he is troubled.
    Throughout the fight scene you see cap and Spider Man hatching a plan.

    thanos goes to snap and it doesn’t work bc Tony has stolen the stones

    Tony fashions another gauntlet with his suit goes to put it on and cap instructs Spiderman to put their plan, into motion. (cue queens and Brooklyn dialogue)

    spiderman snatches the gauntlet out of tony’s hands and cap puts it on, snaps, and thanos’ army begins to dust. cap is dying. tony is pissed cap explains. cap tells Tony he has too much to live for.

    country mourns the loss of their hero. avengers morn the loss of their leader.

    final scene is cap dancing with his lady at the station.

  22. Cap being the sacrifice would’ve made more sense, and certainly wouldn’t have left some of the grotesque timeline plot holes at the end of the movie.

    Also, exactly what was the point of captain marvel? She was given billing in this movie to be a key component and she was literally nothing more than a cameo. She’s even prominently on the poster. Saving Tony at the beginning isn’t anything, all they would’ve had to do is “fix the ship” (uh, how DID they get on that ship anyway wasn’t that destroyed in the fight?) and the same result would’ve happened. And the ending was pointless as well as she didn’t even succeed at doing anything. She takes out the ship, which hulk or tony, or strange could have done…. yay? It wasn’t as if she turned the tide. And certainly didn’t get the glove into the time machine. It’s like having Superman in your movie there in an “Alfred” capacity. It was disappointing and made no sense.

    And the “woman power” shot I found offensive… to women! IW did it too and it was disappointing then as well. Ohhh so you girls are only impressive and formidable in a group…ok, I guess? Oh wait, even in a group you couldn’t pull off your objective? Then I guess you’re really useless. Honestly, if they would’ve lined up along side of ALL the heroes for more of a “2nd wind” shot, I would’ve been far more impressed. Calling attention that they’re there, and then having them completely fail, felt like a disservice. We know they’re there, shoot, Witch just had a one on one with Thanos a second ago and held her own. Not to mention the impressive moves she did in the last movie.

    The whole movie felt like a long filler episode of a show just before the season finale. And then baited and switched when they wrote themselves into a corner.

    1. Totally wrote themselves into a corner. Let’s make Thanos invincible AND principled and then let’s make him SO disciplined and principled that he destroys the stones (wait….. How did he do that anyway?) and eliminates any POSSIBLE solution…. Except TIME TRAVEL. THEN… let’s make him invincible AGAIN except this time he’s invincible WITHOUT the stones.

      Also, let’s take a cheesy (self serving)
      trip down memory lane.. Let’s also gloss over hulk’s struggle, Thor’s revenge, and let’s destroy the whole character of America’s beloved “Cap” that we took 5 movies to build and reinforce.

      Finally, let’s fully develop Tony Stark and then let’s KILL him.

      Aside from a handful of scenes, hated it. Disservice to the characters. Disservice to the actors. Disservice to the fans (at least the ones that feel the same way).

  23. I completely disagree. This is my favorite Marvel movie behind GOTG Vol 1, and I’ve been a fan through the whole MCU since it started. Rather than just starting that, I will also give my take on your dislikes of the movie.

    1. It was pretty boring at least for the first half.
    Not really. It built up an emotional pull very well that losing half of all life should on the universe and our characters.

    2. It was too easy to kill Thanos.
    Considering the physical toll using the stones twice takes on him, it makes sense that a surprise attack by 8 superheroes goes well, especially when he also no longer has the stones to use against them.

    3. They made a mockery of Thor.
    What are you talking about? This is the crux of comedic relief on what is the highest stakes film of the entire MCU. It’s another great direction for his character to go through and follows well with his characterization being tightened in Ragnarok and Infinity War.

    4. Ant-Man was an idiot.
    This is just a reach, he knows nothing about the quantum realm which is consistent through every film he appears in and this movie not only turns the concept of time travel on him but pretty much everyone who has ever been introduced to that concept in entertainment as well as in the MCU.

    5. The mood shift was too dramatic.
    Actually they blend really well. They build from a dejected Tony to a family man to a man who mourns for his friend in Peter. This leads to him coming back and interacting with the team in a new, organic way throughout the movie rather than his arrogant self in most other films.

    5. Time travel is simply an inverted mobius strip.
    Great choice rather than bogging down the explanation with dialogue and exposition building. Number one rule of filmmaking- show don’t tell.

    6. Professor Hulk? I still feel very confused about him.
    They make a nice characterization that actually blends Ruffalo and the Hulk, just like they say- best of both worlds.

    7. We didn’t have time to mourn Black Widow.
    We literally had a whole mourning scene and emotional scene between all of the other 5 original Avengers.

    8. Nostalgia on hyperspeed!
    This movie caps off an 11 year story arc, so a victory lap is justified, entertaining, good nostalgia, and logical for the plan to try to collect the stones from the past to bring everyone back.

    9. Oh, the time paradoxes.
    They explain pretty clearly that this is not how it works.
    The only one that is still open after the stones are returned is Loki because he got that stone rather than the Avengers and they had to recover it from somewhere else as result. Their’s definitely a timeline out there where Loki is still alive now. Leaves interesting multiverse possibilities for the MCU in the future.

    10. How did no one die in that Avengers HQ blast? I mean, I’m GLAD no one died but didn’t it seem highly unlikely that nobody died or was at least critically injured?
    You can pretty much ask this during any fight/battle scene in the MCU. Their superheroes so they survive most stuff as a result even it seems illogical most of the time.

    11. Since when is Pepper the Ironwoman?
    I actually agree with this one slightly- they don’t tease that she has ever worn that suit before. But perhaps she has and the suit for mom line at the beginning of the movie means more than just a joke opportunity.

    12. Why was Captain Marvel there?
    First of all, Tony doesn’t die and resurrect at the start of the film lol. When she reappears she plays a huge role until Thanos throws his weapon into the time machine and then goes toe-to-toe with Thanos until he power stone punches her away.

    13. Why was it so easy for Thanos to do the snap in the first place?
    It’s not easy. Rematch Infinity War- he has trouble harnessing their power just like everyone when he adds a stone, and also is clearly weakened from snapping his own fingers just like Hulk.

    He made a mockery of the Hulk without using the stones, I’m sure he can take on an older Tony, fat Thor, and Cap pretty easily especially when he deals with them one at a time for the most part during the final battle.

    15. Marvel took a page from DC for the end scene.
    I’d agree if they didn’t put inside that scene a very singular goal- keep the stones from Thanos and also then return them to the past to prevent Thanos from using them again. Also, the portals scene is one of the most incredible in cinematic history and it’s pretty much just an upscale of the Battle of Wakanda aside from a handful of superheroes.

    All in all, I think you have an emotional reaction to the film but logically speaking most of your dislikes don’t make any sense.

    1. I disagree with you on the Hulk, this was not a nice characterization or the best of both worlds at all. The Hulk was wasted in the Russo’s films. There was no reason to not include him in IW, none at all, it was never explained or resolved, that’s pathetic story telling. His character arc that was given so much hype boiled down to one line, Oh by the way we merged.” Its like they just tossed his character to the side. The professor hulk in the comics actually fights, this one does nothing, not a single fight scene,the only freaking hero to not have a fight scene and its the Hulk for crying out loud. Sorry, but I did not wait a whole year after getting no Hulk in IW just to get a Hulk who does nothing but dab! It was cringeworthy. Also explain how its the best of both worlds? The Hulk’s personality is gone, its just Banner wearing the Hulk’s body like a suit. And once again he’s not even in the final showdown, I mean how do you make two avengers movies and not even bother to include the Hulk in the final battle of either film. So essentially Endgame is as hulkless a movie as Infinity War. The Hulk deserved a more exciting sendoff, and his story arc was very underwhelming.

  24. This is strictly MY opinion and that’s all it is. If you agree, great. If you disagree, I don’t care.

    First of all, I’m not going to put anyone’s post down, I’m an adult and putting someone’s post down or taking it apart is both mean and childish. Keep in mind everyone has an opinion and they have a right to their opinion as well as having a right to state their opinion whether everyone else agrees or disagrees. So in the future if you’re going to put someone down grow up and act like an adult and keep it to yourself.

    As for the movie. It was a complete letdown. Whether it was the culmination of everything or not is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is they took a path and they put so many inconsistencies and mistakes in it that it made no sense other than to satisfy themselves.

    I’m not going to get into a really long post about everything they did wrong, just a few points.

    1. Gamora came back from the past into the present. They could’ve easily done the same for Black Widow and Vision.

    2. How did Cap put the stone back into the cube? Of the other one into the scepter if he can’t touch them?

    3. If Cap shot past them into the past then back to the present and gave Falcon the shield stating no one has ever used the shield then how did he help the Avengers without it? Not to mention Falcon isn’t a super soldier but Bucky is, it would’ve made more sense to give it to Bucky.

    4. Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Thor, and Captain America with the hammer working together would’ve smashed Thanos into a fare the well, they certainly proved that in the comics, especially since he didn’t have the stones to cheat his way out of it.

    5. Thor turning into a joke is completely against what he originally was and stood for.

    6. They made many mistakes in their time travel theory on top of contradicting it several times. It either works one way or it doesn’t. You can’t have both.

    7. It was a complete letdown to anyone who grew up on the comics, all my friends agree on that point and I won’t see any more of their movies.

    In fact they should be ashamed of what they did instead of fattening their wallets. Marvel should have stopped this catastrophe and made them redo it so it made sense.

    As a long time fan of the Avengers and X-Men, endgame should’ve been more like X-Men, at least they’re changing the past made sense.

    I personally thought of 30 other ways they should’ve done it on my 12 minute drive home. Then when I pulled into the driveway I theorized an alternative. We are part of the Marvel and DC multiverse only in our case our heroes are in comics and not reality. Where as in another one their movie was fantastic. Or in another one it sucked even more than ours. Or perhaps in another one they don’t exist at all and we’re just all mindless drones.

    Any which way you look at it, they did us a disservice, whether they realize it or not doesn’t matter as they obviously don’t care.

    There are plenty more points I could post but they is already too long as is. Goodbye Marvel Movies, you just lost at least 51 people who will no longer see any of your movies or pay for them. Me personally, I think I should demand a refund, not that I would get it.

    Again as state previously, this is MY opinion period and I have the right to say so.

  25. I’ve seen plenty of comic book movies that I thought were better than “INFINITY WAR”. I thought the 2018 movie was okay, but it did not blow my mind.

    As for “ENDGAME” . . . it had moments that I enjoyed – especially Scott Lang’s reunion with his daughter Cassie. However, I thought it sucked and I thought its biggest flaw was the time travel theory put forth by Bruce Banner. It was a big mistake to follow that theory. It only created plot holes, especially in regard to Steve Rogers and Nebula.

  26. Thanos is a powerful being.
    Hulk is just an angry radioactive man.
    Thanos beat hulk in a fight, got BASHED and only spared a drop of blood has killed half of the life on countless planets without the infinity stones, I don’t thing snapping is a people’s for Thanos.

  27. [“One thing I dislike about DC movies is the massive battle scenes that seem so over-the-top.”]

    You’re a hypocrite or else you’re suffering from memory loss. The Marvel films have been guilty of this as much as the DC films. Or have you forgotten the Chitauri invasion? The Hulk’s battle against Abomination in Harlem. Wolverine and Sabertooth’s battle against Deadpool at Three Mile Island. The mutants’ battle. The list goes on.

  28. W A Wallace

    When they made the first FF, The Thing should have been CGI, but the actor insisted that he play the role and not use CGI. Chris Hemsworth said he was bored from playing Thor from the first two Thor movies, and all of the sudden we have fat Thor. Nobody thought that was funny, but I bet Chris Hemsworth thinks it’s funny. The problems is they made “End Game” for themselves and the actors playing in the movie, and did not make the movie for the fans. I hope they liked the movie, because we did not.

  29. I basically agree with everything you wrote. Just saw it on DVD and then searched the net to find similar thoughts, and you completely nailed it.
    Fat Thor really took me out of the movie. He is a God, and I never bought into him getting fat on beer. Or drunk. Half the time he acted like he was smoking weed, meaning it was so over the top and went on far, far too long.
    Time travel. Oh lord. As soon as that idea came up, it takes your mind in too many places and that means it pulls you away from the movie.
    I likely missed many things but was Ant Man brought back by a rat pressing something in the van? Did they really end Thanos by pulling the ol’ switcheroo on the glove? There must have been these kind of lazy ideas every 5 minutes.
    But the biggest 2 issues for me are 1) I really wanted to like it. There are so many great actors and actresses in here. But the lines didn’t have the right timing and even great lines (like from Russo about failure) just drifted away with much impact. But dammit I really do wish I liked this. And finally 2) Infinity War was so well done on so many levels. My expectations were that this would reach that level, but it fell way short. After so many years of building a universe, they really effed up the end. Such a shame.

    Maybe in a different timeline, they got the movie right.

  30. I have to agree 100% on the characters not getting enough attention. It was almost as if they had to cram in all the heroes in to one final movie. Even the final battle scene was one hero after another getting five seconds of obligatory fight time. Captain Marvel can blast her way through a space ship, but cant smash Thanos who is flesh not steel like a ship. Infinity war was better and more entertaining.

    Time travel, Thor, Banner/hulk, were all sloppy and felt unfinished. The movie had a sad gloomy feel to it throughout also. For a multi billion dollar making finale of a great series it was just scattered and low excitement.

    This movie needed more guardians characters , a real Thor, tougher Thanos, More Captain Marvel, real hulk, less time travel or none at all. As soon as it was over I said to my wife ” we wont need to be watching that again” 60% of this movie is closure and set up from and for other movies. Directors obviously thought the Marvel faithful would accept a dramatic low action last film. I don’t.

    Ragnarok is by far the best Marvel movie yet.

  31. Hey, Fadra!
    I agree to every point you wrote, but except one: Pepper became the IronWoman in Avengers: Endgame only. Remember the scene when Tony’s duaghter was playing with a mask..? Well, he said in the next scene that he made this armour for Pepper only. Maybe she wore it when needed! Just Watch that scene one more time 😉

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