TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

We’re talking about TV shows cancelled too soon and letting out our outrage, frustration, and sadness. Has your favorite show been cancelled too soon? Listen in and see if we discuss it.

4:52 What are we watching? Pose, The Crossing, The Staircase (warning: some spoilers here), Dr. Who

13:28 Last movie seen? American Animals, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Dunkirk

21:47 What’s coming up? The First Purge (7/4), Ant-Man & the Wasp (7/6), Hotel Transylvania 3 (7/13), Skyscraper (7/13), not much in TV but will be watching Luke Cage and Glow on Netflix.

Stinger Topic of the Week: TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

25:00 Shannon and Fadra are joined by Fadra’s sister and fellow TV fan, Tonya Goodnow. Tonya lives her life off the grid, dodging time-traveling killer cyborgs and preparing her son for his future role as the leader of the post-apocalyptic human resistance.

Tonya GoodnowNo wait, that’s Sarah Connor, her favorite fictional character and the one responsible for sucking her into the world of fandom. Tonya loved The Terminator in the 1980s, obsessed over T2 in the 1990s, but it was the short-lived TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles that really set her fangirl wheels in motion. She posted endlessly on forums, blogged, wrote fan fiction, made fan videos, silly memes and a comic strip and she was even heavily involved in a save-our-show campaign, all under the fan moniker of “Roxy Bisquaint.” Though the show never did get a follow-up, Tonya got something even better: lasting friendships and the knowledge that she wasn’t alone in her nerdiness.

29:05 Fadra gives us an excellent run-down of why TV shows get cancelled. Here’s the article she references from Vox.

41:08 We discuss what cancelled shows outraged fans the most, as well as our own favorite cancelled shows. 

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