Who’s On YOUR Celebrity Squad?

This week we’re stepping into fantasy land and picking our celebrity squad – the famous men and women we think WE’D be friends with if we were famous. Give us a listen, then try to pick YOUR squad – it’s harder than you think!

3:22 What are we watching? Jessica Jones, Riverdale, GirlBoss, Sherlock, Extras, Happy Valley, The Killing, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, The Goldbergs, America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Flash, and our British TV challenge.

CALL FOR SUGGESTIONS: Fadra needs decent TV-14 / PG-13 shows to watch with her son – but not “kid” shows.

20:40 Last movie seen? I, Tonya, We’re the Millers, Pirates of Somalia, Love, Simon, Rear Window, Tomb Raider.

37:22 What’s coming up? Roseanne, I Feel Pretty, A Quiet Place, 13 Reasons Why S2 news, Ready Player One, Breaking In, Oceans 8.

Stinger Topic of the Week: Celebrity Squad Goals

49:10 Celebrity Squads. We put some thought into what we look for in friends and what celebrities we think would be the best BFFs! We each lay out our criteria and pick three men and three women. Can you guess who we picked?

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