Stranger Things 2 Minisode!

Stranger Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix and we just had to take the time for an extra “minisode” to chat about the show everyone is talking about.

Ode to Thor / Chris Hemsworth

Who has blonde hair, bulging muscles, and could technically be called the Thunder from Down Under? This week Shannon & Fadra profess their love for Chris Hemsworth and discuss the movie Thor: Ragnarok! 

The Walking Dead Fandom

Season 8 of The Walking Dead premiers on October 22nd, and for die-hard #TWD fans, it’s like waiting for Christmas morning. This week, Shannon & Fadra discuss this hugely popular show and conclude that it’s never too late to join a fandom.

It’s All Golden… Golden Girls, That Is

Do you have a go-to sitcom that makes you laugh and relax? This week Shannon and Fadra discuss one of Shannon’s favorites – The Golden Girls – and discover some little-known facts!

Best Comedy Movies

Your comedy choices say a lot about you and this week Shannon and Fadra reveal their top 5 favorites. Do any of them make your favorites list?

What is a Fan Con?

Shannon and Fadra welcome Emma Loggins to the show to discuss fan cons – Dragon Con, Comic Con, WalkerStalker Con and more!

Reality TV: Is it Really Reality?

How real is reality TV these days? Shannon and Fadra discuss their favorite reality shows, past and present.