Where to Watch James Bond Movies Right Now

So you stay you’re stuck inside with nothing to watch? IMPOSSIBLE. And if you can’t find anything new to watch, maybe it’s time to revisit the entire James Bond series of movies. Maybe it’s time to show your kids what a calm, cool, debonair action hero really looks like.

Ben on Ozark

Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 8: BFF

There are a lot of words we can use to describe the Netflix original series Ozark, and “sad” is usually not one of them. But sad is how we are feeling in our Ozark recap of season 3, episode 8.

Ruth in Ozark season 3.

Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 6: Su Casa Es Mi Casa

It continually amazes us how a show that is so intense and so violent can be so funny. And we had some funny scenes in Ozark season 3 episode 6, which we’re talking about today on the podcast.

Wendy and Marty in Ozark.

Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 2: Civil Union

Today we’re diving into Ozark season 3 episode 2, which could also be known as “the girl power hour.” It’s all about the woman this episode!

Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 1: Wartime

Welcome back Ozark fans! Shannon and Fadra are here for you with episode by episode discussions of the Netflix original series, Ozark.