The Devil All the Time: Quick No-Spoiler Review

The Devil All the Time is fast-paced and tense, but ultimately a sad, tragic story of a young boy and the sinister people he had the misfortune of interacting with.

Where to Watch James Bond Movies Right Now

So you stay you’re stuck inside with nothing to watch? IMPOSSIBLE. And if you can’t find anything new to watch, maybe it’s time to revisit the entire James Bond series of movies. Maybe it’s time to show your kids what a calm, cool, debonair action hero really looks like.

Frozen 2 characters

Frozen 2 No-Spoiler Review

Frozen 2 has a solid story and it’s everything you expect from Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. But the movie is uneven and a little darker than I expected. Here’s my Frozen 2 no-spoiler review.

Bill & Ted 3

What We Know About Bill & Ted 3

We’re talking about Bill & Ted – their excellent adventure, their bogus journey, and their new movie coming out next summer!

Marvel Phase 4

Timeline for Marvel Phase 4

Marvel Phase 4 movies and TV shows were just announced at San Diego Comic Con! Here’s what’s coming in the next couple years.

X-Men past and future

Skip Dark Phoenix and Watch THESE X-Men Movies In Order

The X-Men have had a special place in the hearts of comic and superhero fans not because they are invincible, but because they are relatable. But the timeline is messy and the quality of the films varies greatly. Here’s what to watch, and in what order.

Avengers: Endgame Discussion

Fadra calls it a huge opportunity wasted. Shannon thinks it’s the closure we all needed. You may be sick of hearing about Avengers: Endgame, but that’s our topic this week on Stinger.

Bride Wars

Rom Com Fans Ready for an Experiential Film Festival

It’s pretty well known that I don’t really like rom coms. Maybe it’s because I have a heart of stone. Or I have a normal heart that turned to stone somewhere along the way. Or I’m just old and jaded.