Black Mirror Friday

Recaps and discussion of the hit Netflix series Black Mirror. We analyze the technology and unanticipated consequences in every episode and answer the question – what if it were real?

Girl with eye recording technology

The Entire History of You – Black Mirror

What if technology allowed you to have a permanent recording of everything you’ve ever seen? We talk about the consequences of “The Entire History of You.”

man sitting at desk

White Christmas – Black Mirror Recap and Discussion

Could a person’s entire consciousness be stored in an Alexa-type device? What makes a person human? What if we had the technology to “block” someone in real life? We’re discussing “White Christmas” today on Black Mirror Friday.

White Bear Black Mirror

White Bear – Black Mirror Friday

This week on Black Mirror Friday, Shannon and Fadra get deep about crime and punishment as they discuss “White Bear.”

Hated in the Nation

This week on Black Mirror Friday, we talk about Fadra’s favorite episode, Hated in the Nation. We’re talking about hate on social media, government surveillance, and consequences.

Black Mirror Arkangel

Arkangel – Black Mirror Friday

This week on Black Mirror Friday, we talk about Shannon’s favorite episode, Arkangel. We discuss the technology, parenting, and how far is too far to go to protect your children.

Black Mirror Bandersnatch

Black Mirror Friday – Bandersnatch

Shannon and Fadra discuss how this unique, interactive episode works, what choices you might have missed, and our different views about decision-making for the character.

Black Mirror Friday

Black Mirror Friday

Welcome to our newest podcast series, Black Mirror Friday! Black Mirror is a Netflix series examining modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.