Black Mirror Friday

Recaps and discussion of the hit Netflix series Black Mirror. We analyze the technology and unanticipated consequences in every episode and answer the question – what if it were real?

Black Mirror Be Right Back

Black Mirror – Be Right Back Explained

In the world of Black Mirror Be Right Back, death isn’t necessarily the end. What happens when a woman finds a way for her love to live on as a shell of his former self?

Black Mirror USS Callister

Black Mirror’s USS Callister

We’re discussing Black Mirror’s USS Callister, an Emmy-nominated episode that explores creating digital copies of people using their DNA. Listen to the podcast and our discussion of the ending – there might be something you missed!

Scene from Black Mirror's Shut Up and Dance

Black Mirror Shut Up and Dance Review

In Black Mirror Shut Up and Dance, a teenage boy is blackmailed by Internet trolls and forced into committing increasingly terrible and criminal acts .

Characters in Black Mirror Smithereens

Black Mirror Smithereens Review

Black Mirror once again makes us consider our addiction to social media in “Smithereens,” starring Andrew Scott and Topher Grace.

Characters in Black Mirror playing video game.

Black Mirror Striking Vipers Review

In our discussion of Black Mirror Striking Vipers, we explore the question of sexual fluidity and is it really an affair if it’s virtual?

Frank and Amy at dinner in Black Mirror

Black Mirror Hang the DJ Recap

If you could rely on technology to find you the perfect mate – like a 99.8% match – would you do it? That’s the story behind Season 4, Episode 4 of Black Mirror, “Hang the DJ.”