Fadra Nally became wildly famous (in her own family) for being able to sing every single commercial jingle in the 1970s, a skill that surprisingly has never helped her in her career. Since that time, she studied biology and theater (that whole right brain-left brain conundrum), started a blog, and became the star of her own YouTube channel.

Everything You Need to Know About Kim’s Convenience

These days, Netflix has been pushing Kim’s Convenience at the top of “shows I might like.” This has quickly become the go-to, have-fun, not-worry-about-anything show we need every night before bed. And I’m here to convince you to watch it too.

Tales from the Loop – What Did I Just Watch?

If you’re like me, you’re stuck at home and wisely using that time to explore new and exciting television shows like Tales from the Loop now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re like me, you also sat through all eight long episodes waiting for the big payoff.

Where to Watch James Bond Movies Right Now

So you stay you’re stuck inside with nothing to watch? IMPOSSIBLE. And if you can’t find anything new to watch, maybe it’s time to revisit the entire James Bond series of movies. Maybe it’s time to show your kids what a calm, cool, debonair action hero really looks like.

The Best Quotes from After Life on Netflix

Even if you don’t love Ricky Gervais (he tends to make really amazing or really not-amazing content), After Life will make you laugh and make you cry, or at least tear up.

Bride Wars

Rom Com Fans Ready for an Experiential Film Festival

It’s pretty well known that I don’t really like rom coms. Maybe it’s because I have a heart of stone. Or I have a normal heart that turned to stone somewhere along the way. Or I’m just old and jaded.

Live Action Kids Shows of the 1970s

Did you grow up waiting for the Krofft Supershow every Saturday morning? Did you watch the original Captain Marvel in The Shazam!/Isis Hour? Do you remember every kid show of the 1970s having a chimpanzee? Then you’ve come to the right place to reminisce about live action kids shows of the 1970s.

SHAZAM! Movie Review

What does a MARVEL fangirl have to say about the latest DC Comics pic? It only takes 60 seconds to find out with the Stinger review of Shazam! Here’s a quick 60 second movie review with NO SPOILERS!