American Horror Story Apocalypse Finale Recap in GIFs

WOW. This season of American Horror Story gave hard-core fans the crossover they’d been anticipating, and offered occasional fans a fun ride. It was full of familiar characters, beloved story lines, and happy endings (for most). So many moments had me cheering, or in shock, or confused, or mad.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not read on if you haven’t seen season 8, episode 10.

Apocalypse Finale Recap and Reaction

Not so fast, son of Satan.

First, Myrtle secures Mallory & Coco’s place in Outpost 3. Myrtle is not one of my favorite characters, but she was pretty badass in this scene.

Cordelia then has to perform the uncomfortable task of putting the identity spell on Mallory and Coco. They share a touching moment where Coco tells Mallory she’s sorry for how she will treat her and that she’s her best friend. She then hides their memories and puts them in an Uber with Madison at the wheel. Madison drops them at Gallant’s salon, and so their story has come full circle back to the beginning of the season.

We then find ourselves back at Outpost 3 just after Mallory, Coco, and Dinah were resurrected. Dinah declares her loyalty to Michael, but not for long.

Best comeback of the night belongs to Marie Laveau. Yasss Queen!

Also? This episode brought the horror. I cheered when Cordelia blew up robot Mead and Michael was left holding her head.

And in that moment of distraught, Madison took the chance to pump Michael full of bullets. It set him back for a few minutes while Cordelia and Myrtle (after snatching a lock of Michael’s hair) get Mallory to the tub to perform the time-travel spell.

But wait! Brock jumps out and stabs Mallory in revenge for leaving him during the apocalypse! Damn you Brock!

Cordelia sacrifices herself so Mallory can be strong enough to perform the time-travel spell and stop Michael and the apocalypse. I’m so proud of you, Delia.

Mallory shows up in the past at the point where Michael, after just aging 10 years overnight, kills the priest. We see Constance rise up against Michael in anger and kick him out of the house. At first, I thought maybe Mallory was possessing Constance because it didn’t seem in character for her. I’m still not sure about that scene.

But Michael stumbles out into the street and Mallory is there to run him over with her car. Three times.

After Mallory sets things right, the coven is (mostly) reunited. Zoe is teaching again. Nan is happy with Papa Legba. Mallory convinces Queenie to avoid The Hotel Cortez. Myrtle is still dead, but we all know she’s OK with that.

Misty Day still gets rescued from her high school biology lab hell. Woo hoo!

But I’m really upset that poor Madison is back in Walmart hell, though Mallory did say she’d get her out “sometime.”

Questions We Still Have

Now, for some questions. Exactly how did Mallory get Misty out of hell? There was an explanation that the demons were”grateful” to Mallory for getting rid of Michael. Why would they want Michael destroyed? I need to think on this a bit more because I think I’m missing a bigger picture in regards to who Michael really is.  (Comment if you have a theory!)

We see Emily and Timothy – the two teens from Outpost 3 with the superior DNA – meet in this alternate timeline, fall in love, and have a child. That child then ends up walking the same babysitter-murdering path as Michael Langdon.

I don’t like it. Yes, I hear you, Mallory. Energy can only be transferred from one to another. It can’t be destroyed. But what now? We’re just in an eternal loop of giving the antichrist the smack-down?

Well, maybe that’s what creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are trying to say. The world will forever struggle against evil. But still, I’m just not sold on that ending for this season.

Also? Michael is the ANTICHRIST, but Mallory can just run him over repeatedly with the car? I guess we’re supposed to think he could be killed at that point because he was young and vulnerable, but…

And finally, now that Mallory erased the Apocalypse, I just have one question… what about Violet and Tate???

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