American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 2 Recap

There was a bit more action in episode 2, but there’s still a lot that needs to unravel. Are you ready to hear our theories and comments on this week’s Apocalypse episode 2 recap?

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Rubber Man AHS

Rubber Man is in the house!

Once again, not a whole lot happened in this episode except for the triumphant return of the Rubber Man from American Horror Story’s season one, “Murder House.” Fans are eagerly awaiting the “crossover” of seasons one and three and after two episodes, the Rubber Man is our only glimpse into those crossover characters. But as we know, show creator Ryan Murphy has a way of shaking things up dramatically right around episode 5. So, as Cassie says, “Have faith in Ryan!”

Rubber Man visits Gallant (Evan Peters) in his room for a sexual encounter. And since the Rubber Man was originally Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) in season one, we’re left to wonder if Evan Peters just had sex with himself. It’s implied that the Rubber Man is now Michael Langdon, but we aren’t 100% sure.

Nana Gallant overhears the moaning and sneaks a peek at them doing the dirty deed. Then promptly goes to turn them in to authorities Venable and Mead.

But Gallant is not the only one getting some action this episode. Timothy and Emily find a laptop with emails confirming that Venable has just been making up her own rules about “no copulation allowed.” So they decide to give in to their teenage hormones. They get caught, of course.

Just as the teens are about to be shot for their discretion, Timothy thinks fast, grabbing the gun and shooting Ms. Mead. But… PLOT TWIST… Mead limps away and looks down at her wound. It’s not a normal human wound with red blood. It appears to be a hole in her side with white goop and something stringy. Snakes? Wires? Is she a robot? Stay tuned.

There is a lot of snake symbolism, as well as references to lust, this season. We talk about the theory that each American Horror Story season may be linked to one of Dante’s nine circles of hell. Could this season be lust?

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