Best Ruth Langmore Quotes in Netflix’s Ozark

Ruth Langmore on Ozark

I absolutely adore the character Ruth Langmore, played brilliantly by Julia Garner in Netflix’s Ozark. Her quick wit and sassy, nasty attitude continually made my mouth drop open while I laughed and cheered her on. Here are the best Ruth Langmore quotes from Ozark.

Spoiler warning for all three seasons of Ozark. And be aware… Profanity ahead. 


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Ruth Langmore is a 19-year-old local resident of Lake of the Ozarks. She lives in a trailer with her uncles and cousins, and in season two, also her Dad. Known by local law enforcement to be an up and coming criminal mastermind, she gets entwined with Marty’s money laundering business after trying to steal from him.

Actress Julia Garner is from New York City and does not have a southern accent. She won a Best Supporting Actress Emmy award in 2019 for her role as Ruth. You can see more of her in The Americans and the Netflix original Maniac.

Best Ruth Langmore Quotes

Ruth Langmore on Ozark

“Shut your fucknugget mouth!” — yelling at Russ.

“If I was kidding, I would’ve said you’re witty and handsome.” — to Russ.

“If you’re a killer, then I’m fucking Snow White. And I don’t see any dwarfs around.” — talking to Marty.

“Sounds like you need to go fuck yourself. What you do is, you roll yourself into a ball or whatever, and you take your dick and you put it up your ass.” — responding to Agent Petty’s threats.

“How about I pop those tits and squeeze out the silicon” — yes, she said “silicon” instead of “silicone” to stripper Jade.

“I don’t know shit about fuck.” — when Marty wants her to take over the operation.

“I’ve got a pretty strong fucking stomach… Pardon my French.” — talking to the funeral home director.

“This is your life. It aint fucking mine.” — to her Dad when he asks her for an alibi.

“Hows about instead of shittin’ on me, you get your own house in order? And until you do, hows about you FUCK OFF, alrighty?” — to Marty.

“Now guys like you, coming in with wads of cash, get noticed. So y’all need to have a story. For instance, ‘Oh, well I won at playing bingo at the VFW or Old Auntie Dipshit just left me a whole bundle and she dropped dead and yadda yadda yadda. I don’t care what your fucking story is, but you better fucking have one ready.” — giving instructions to the “smurfs.”

Helen: “I lost my Dad when I was your age.”
Ruth: “Was he murdered?”

“Look I know I kissed you last night, but I thought I was gonna fucking die.” — to Ben.

“And quit parking in the cripple spot. What you got ain’t a disability. Just poor judgement.” — to Frank Cosgrove Jr.

“What the fuck are you gonna do? Kill me, you fuckin’ bitch wolf?” — to Wendy.

What was your favorite Ruth moment in Ozark?


  1. The “I don’t know shit about fuck” line was funny and very Ruth-y…and then you realize she said it because her father said it to her when she made mistakes, and it becomes heartbreaking.

  2. “I’m not leavin’ without gainful motherFUCKin’ employment”… She said it with such an attitude, I instantly fell in love with her character

  3. My favorite moment was when she came out of the trailer taking charge over her dad’s abuse to her cousins with the shotgun. She rocked it.

    I also loved her devotion to Wyatt shown with sternness and tenderness

    All around one of the best actresses I’ve seen.

  4. Do either of you see any balls, what are they supposed to so scissor each other??

    When referring to both Bobcats being female.

  5. Love this quote from Ruth:
    “Now stop parking in the cripple’s spot! What you got aint a disability it’s just bad judgement.” I think I will use this the next time I see non handicapped people parking in the handicap spot.

  6. “You put him there because you got embarrassed at your dumb ass Missouri state dicklicking party!” — to Marty talking about Ben.

  7. My wife and replayed this Ruth quote 5-6 times and laughed harder 🤣 every time:
    “Sounds like you need to go fuck yourself. What you do is, you roll yourself into a ball or whatever, and you take your dick and you put it up your ass.” — responding to Agent Petty’s threats.

  8. Every Ruth quote is a favorite of mine. Julia Garner is Outstanding as Ruth! She is great in anything, a true talent!

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